Popular Questions

1Does a school have to be a registered AEE Association member in order to buy learning material from AEE?
No, a non-registered school may purchase directly from AEE. However, registered schools receive substantial discounts. It is well worth enquiring about the registration option.
2Does a school have to use the complete AEE curriculum in order to be eligible for registration with the AEE Association?
No, schools may purchase learning material based on specific requirements in each subject.
3Can a learner in a non-registered AEE Association school benefit from using AEE products as supplementary learning material?
Absolutely! Learners in any school may use AEE material to supplement learning.
4How much does learning material cost?
It is best to discuss your needs with an AEE consultant who will provide a quotation.
5Does AEE have an eCommerce site?

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