Are you looking for a unique opportunity to be personally involved in releasing your child’s full potential?

The A.C.E. programme is uniquely suited to home education providing an individualised, self-paced learning experience based on the principle of mastery learning. This form of education is a legal alternative giving parents the opportunity to take back the responsibility to educate their children the way the Bible teaches. It is the oldest form of education known to man, and the surest way to transfer values, principles and knowledge from one generation to the next.

The A.C.E. programme focuses on a values based, individualised approach that nurtures your child’s unique talents, by promoting character building, reasoning skills, accountability and goal setting. The fully worked out modules are suitable for the South African market, including online educational resources, and available from Grade R-12.

Accelerate your child to their full potential today, by introducing them to the A.C.E. experience.

What makes the A.C.E. programme so unique?

Parents have often used this comment when starting to use the programme, "My children never used to like school, but now they cannot wait to begin with their new day’s goals."

All learner and teacher support materials are self-instructional, saving you hours of preparation, and are available from Grade R–12. The system covers the critical outcomes and minimum standards of the National Curriculum Statements as prescribed by the Department of Basic Education in South Africa.

Key Benefits:

  • Truly individualised – accommodating the needs of each child in the family

  • Diagnostic testing identifies learning gaps

  • Students take responsibility for their own learning

  • All learning materials are self-instructional, available from Grades R-12

  • Built on a values-based and principled ethos

  • Focused on character building - shaping the entire child

  • Training and support available to parents

Character traits like kindness, loyalty and honesty are taught within the curriculum, whether it is Math, English, History, or other subjects. The student can observe Godly living in the Christian character illustrations and then apply the lessons to his/her own life.

Students are taught to see life from God’s point of view, to take responsibility for their own learning and to walk in wisdom.

Home School Registration

To experience the full benefit of the A.C.E. programme and support services it will be necessary to register a homeschool with the curriculum provider, Accelerated Education Enterprises and sign up with a Home Education Academy in your area.

Our Home Education Academies offer guidance and invaluable support to homeschools around South Africa. Parents are empowered and trained to fully utilise the strengths of the A.C.E. programme, and quarterly monitoring of the quality of home education ensures that students’ education remains on track.

Through daily personal attention in a homeschool environment, your child will develop in character, academic competency and self-discipline.

How do I register a homeschool?

Register with the closest host academy in your province, which will then facilitate your registration with Accelerated Education Enterprises (T&Cs apply).

We have a number of Home Education Academies around the country that are ready to assist you. Select a province and host academy closest to you.

Find a Home Education Academy close to you

Eastern Cape
Threefold Cord Home Education Academy
Una Coeries
041 922 0695
Free State
Baruch Home Education Academy
Marianne Wessels
058 643 1127 / 082 780 1178
Dunamai Home Education Academy
Kotie Burger
082 926 5599
Tshwane Home Education Academy
Hester VD Merwe
012 345 2866
Queenswood Home Education Academy
Pretoria North
Erika du Plessis
012 543 3552
Leading Home Education Academy
Veni Chetty
011 907 3273
National Home Education Academy
Sue Searles
031 573 6575
Limpopo Home Educators Academy
Izak Steynberg
084 517 7952
Hadash Home Education Academy
Maddie Venter
083 825 2685
North West
Hartbeespoort Home Education Academy
Corne Bruwer
081 549 5942/ 061 445 6487
Northern Cape
Northern Cape Home Education Academy
Ankie Craig
081 026 1328
Western Cape
Western Cape Home Educators Academy
Ceres and greater Cape Town area
Axel Van De Griendt
023 316 2194
El Roi Academy
Rianda Botha
267 7296 7609
Haven of Peace Home Academy
Catherine Mutegi
0025 472 646 9296
Axis Christian School
Jan Liebenberg
00264 6124 3371
Spring of Hope Home Education Academy
Margaret Ogeda
Zambia Emmanuel Home Education Academy
Eunice Prinsloo
0026 097 780 3159

I'd like to purchase some of your products - where do I start?

Basic User Registration

A customer who wants to purchase materials without registering a home school with Accelerated Education Enterprises needs to register as a Basic User. A Basic User may purchase any number of subjects from AEE with the proviso that AEE is under no obligation to provide any official academic support, reports or graduation certificates to the purchaser.

How do I register as a Basic User?

  • Complete the application form
  • Sign the Standard Service Agreement

Home Education Costing Guide

Home Education - Description of Basic Fees Payable

Sign-up Fee


This includes a registration fee.

Preschool with Ace and Christi Kit


A preschool (Grade 0) programme leading into the ABC's with Ace and Christi. Curriculum material per learner not included.

ABC's with Ace and Christi Kit


A phonetic reading programme teaching the basic reading fundamentals. This programme is used in the first 15 weeks of the grade 1 year (only covers the ABC part of grade 1 and is 15 weeks' worth of work). Curriculum material per learner not included.

Initial Curriculum Material to be ordered

(Normally ordered per term)

PACEs (per learner, per annum) (+-)


This is an average figure and may differ depending on the grade level.

A PACE is a Package of Accelerated Christian Education (learning materials) - modules.

Score Keys (per grade (+-) for full year academic scope)


This is an average figure from Grade 1-6 and may differ depending on grade level.

"Once-off" purchase. A Score Key is an answer key used for scoring PACEs. (Some Host Academies hire out score keys. Check with your Host.)

Diagnostic Tests (per learner, grade 2 and above)


The diagnostic test determines a learner's academic strengths and weaknesses. This testing assists a supervisor in accurately placing a learner in the curriculum on a performance level (per learner - applicable to learners grade 2 and above).

Additional costs to consider

Host Academy Registration

Please check with host

Host Academy Service Fees

Please check with host

NOTE: The figures are supplied as a guide only.
Prices include VAT and unless otherwise stated, will exclude postage costs.
Prices subject to change.
Fees quoted as at 1 January 2020.
*To be calculated according to own initial need.