The A.C.E. programme is a tried and tested effective educational solution for learners from Preschool through to Grade 12 in both school and homeschool settings. For over 35 years, AEE has distributed the A.C.E. curriculum in both African and Scandinavian countries and it has been used with great success in over 250 private schools and 1500 home schools. The A.C.E. programme is also used widely in over 142 countries on seven continents. In keeping with our mission of empowering Africa through the distribution and implementation of effective education solutions, our materials support a personalised system of instruction (PSI) and provides training for educators, principals, administrators and parents.

The character-building effect of this extraordinary educational strategy, that is values-based, individualised and promotes academic excellence, presents the answer to the global crisis in education. Utilising this concept of individualised learning, learners don’t just get by—they get ahead!

Leadership and staff enrichment training for educators in the distinctives of the Accelerated Christian Education programme and methodology is provided. In addition, educators are updated annually through seminars and conventions.

Our Vision

An educated Africa where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

To empower Africa through:

  • The distribution and implementation of innovative individualised education solutions, which harness the power of self-paced learning and mastery.
  • The upliftment of society through values-based education that guides individuals towards their place of full potential.

Our Values



We conduct business in a way that is ethical, transparent and above reproach in all aspects.


As a company, we place an emphasis on serving God in our work and daily life in accordance with God’s Word.


We consistently exhibit extremely high standards of professionalism in all our relationships and in everything we develop, produce and sell.


We proactively seek out new opportunities and solutions to ensure that our product and service offering is intentionally reviewed in order to remain relevant to the markets that
we serve.

Our Purpose

To equip churches and parents in the training of their children with a Godly, character building academic curriculum in a Bible-based, individualised system of learning.