Our Unique Approach to Education

A.C.E. recognises that each child has a unique learning style with God-given abilities and talents and has developed a learning approach that accommodates learners’ individual capabilities. This programme utilises results-driven processes rather than conventionally applied time-focused education curricula. The A.C.E. programme can be used from Grade R to 12.

When using the A.C.E. system, learners set their own goals and achieve them. Students also learn to think critically, creatively and independently. These skills are taught and developed throughout all the grade levels and students graduating from the A.C.E. programme have shown outstanding performance in their tertiary studies due to the skills they’ve mastered throughout their schooling career.

Whether you are seeking an ideal educational system for your child or wanting to start a school, A.C.E. provides the perfect solution!

Compatible with CAPS in South Africa

It is important to note that AEE products and the curriculum are compatible with the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS), and are structured to assist the learner in achieving the prescribed learning outcomes for each subject.

Extra Support: AEE Association

Accelerated Education Enterprises (AEE) offers every school using the A.C.E. programme a host of products, services and support that are designed to equip and assist member schools. AEE Associated schools also enjoy the benefit of receiving substantial discounts for orders made through the eCommerce site.

Benefits of Joining the Association

1. PolicyWise
AEE PolicyWise assists member schools to:
  • understand their rights and responsibilities, and to better implement their mission;
  • manage their compliance with national policies and legislation; and
  • deal confidently with government officials when they visit their schools.
2. SchoolManage
This is a management system that has been designed specifically for AEE Associated schools. It caters for the specific requirements of running a Personalised System of Instruction (PSI) such as the A.C.E. programme.
3. LearnCloud
LearnCloud is a learner's passport to an increasing collection of high-quality eLearning resources.
4. Career Development
Learners need to receive early guidance regarding their talents, their interests and ultimately their career choices. Click here to read more
5. Group Financial Benefits
The AEE Association has negotiated preferential rates through the Accelerated Benefit Schemes (ABS) Provident Fund for member schools. Medical aid is also available to member schools through ABS.
6. Professional development
SACE 15 CPTD points are allocated for each of the following training courses or seminars:
  • Christian Educators' Convention
  • Administrators' Seminar
  • Administrators' Training
  • Supervisors' and Monitors' Training
  • ECD Training
  • Career Development Mentor Training
7. Ongoing/Regional Support
  • Regional consultant visits
  • Regional seminars
  • Online/telephonic support
  • AEE Communicator
  • Accelerator magazine
8. AEE School Improvement Programme
The AEE School Improvement (SI) process provides schools with a tool to conduct a 360˚ evaluation of all the critical aspects of the institution. The purpose of the SI Programme is to assist schools in their quest for constant improvement in the provision of quality education.

Start a School

Step 1


Arrange a meeting with the EduZone Manager in your province who will assist you with information the requirements for registration with AEE and your provincial Department of Education (South Africa only).

Step 2


It is essential that your school has qualified SACE (South African Council of Educators) registered educators. The educators, teacher's assistant, administrator and principal will be required to complete the A.C.E. training course prior to the opening of the school.

Step 3

New School Initial Order

Once all staff have completed the training and everything is in place for your new school, you are now ready to place your first order for learning materials. Our friendly Customer Experience Centre will gladly advise and assist you with your order.

Step 4

Ready, set, go…your school is now ready to empower and impact young lives.